Product Code: 84060243

UPC Code: 062852602436

Abs P-Trap With C/O With Union 1½in
  • Features : “• ABS construction • P-Trap union design • 1-1/2 in connections • For use with ABS pipe • Great for DWV (drain; waste and vent) applications>> 1-1/2 Inch ABS P-trap union; ABS construction. This particular fitting is a P-Trap union for ABS pipe applications and has a solid ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) construction. The P-Trap has a 1-1/2 inch nominal size and is used to connect two pieces of ABS pipe while creating a system in order to prevent sewer gases from coming up into the residence or commercial property. A p-trap is made up of two sections of pipe/fittings; a “U” fitting along with a 90 degree elbow piece which together forms a “P” like shape. In order to properly install this fitting; ABS cement is required to secure the elbow fitting to the existing pipe and also to create a strong connection for other pipes and fittings in the system. Unlike PVC; ASB fittings and pipe do not need a “primer” in order to soften the pipe and create a solvent weld. This will save you time as you fix or construct your plumbing system. ABS pipes and fittings are used in a wide variety of DWV (drain; waste and vent) applications. ABS can also be installed above or below ground due to its ability to be resistant to most acids; salts and alkalis.”
  • Brand Name : BOW
  • Cube Size : 0.00
Product Height (cm) 6.50
Product Length (cm) 2.63
Product Weight (kg) 0.00
Product Width (cm) 7.00
Inner Cubic Size 0.00
Inner Case Quantity 40.00
InnerCase Height (cm) 0.00
InnerCase Width (cm) 0.00
InnerCase Lenght (cm) 0.00
InnerCase Weight (kg) 0.00
Outer Case Quantity 40.00
OuterCase Height (cm) 31.00
OuterCase Length (cm) 56.00
OuterCase Width (cm) 9.00
Outer Cubic Size 15624.00
OuterCase Weight (kg) 7.14
Pallet Height (cm) 0.00
Pallet Length (cm) 0.00
Pallet Width (cm) 0.00
Pallet Case Quantity 0.00
Pallet Volume 0.00
Pallet Weight (kg) 0.00