7/8 in. Steel Demon™ Carbide Teeth Hole Cutter


Diablo’s high-performance carbide teeth hole cutters deliver 50-times longer cutting life, faster cutting performance and maximum productivity. An optimized carbide tooth geometry provides fast, burr-free holes that require virtually no rework. The depth stop collar maximizes productivity by providing a controlled drilling experience and limiting drilling depth. The combination of a tool-free plug ejection system and spring-loaded plug eject Cobalt pilot bit makes plug removal fast and efficient. Diablo’s hole cutters are compatible with Diablo’s SnapLock™ PLUS mandrel resulting in quick, easy and effortless cup changes.

  • Up to 50x longer cutter life in metal cutting versus standard bi-metal hole saws
  • Depth Stop Collar for controlled and efficient hole drilling
  • Plug Eject Cobalt Pilot Bit prevents overfeeding and allows for easy removal of plugs
  • Tool-free plug ejection for fast material removal
  • Compatible with Diablo’s SnapLock™ PLUS mandrel for quick and easy cup changes with no down time
  • Drills up to 1/4 in. metals, including sheet metals, electrical panels & steel studs
  • For use with a drill press or hand-held drill
Ideal For: Driling precise holes in metal up to 1/4″ deep



SHANK Diablo Mandrel